Unmeasured Words

Unmeasured Words is the creative and business partnership of Dawn Burns and Bex Miller – writers, editors, and creatives whose complementary visions and styles work to benefit our clients.

About Us

Dawn (aka, “The Dreamer”) holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Notre Dame. A master at letting her mind wander and bringing story and purpose out of chaos, Dawn enjoys the distinct challenges and possibilities presented by all types of writing, whether that be a book of fiction about a repressed Midwestern housewife named Evangelina, a freelance article about a restoration ecology program, or a college nursing program’s accreditation report.

Dawn is fascinated by what people find beautiful in their worlds, and to this end she began The 42 Beautiful Things Project through which she received and shared over 80 “Beautiful Things” on Facebook and Instagram, and in live performances, invited talks, and exhibitions.

Dawn is a longstanding member and past president of the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, the founder and co-organizer of the annual SwampFire Retreat for Writers and Artists, a 2014 recipient of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, and a proven writer and editor.

Bex (aka, “The Designer”) holds an MFA in poetry from Chatham University. A master at concision, Bex enjoys using the fewest possible words to pack the greatest punch, and does so with elegance. Bex gets stuff done!

Bex is a natural communicator in writing and with people. Not only has Bex taught college writing courses, she has also written and edited for a large scale business publication, edited course curriculum and entries for a literary journal, and has worked on grant and licensure writing for a nonprofit.

Bex’s truest passion is compassion. She has worked with autistic and at-risk youth and homebound older adults, assessing their needs and strengths and seeking solutions to a range of challenges. Her deepest desire is to love others well, an outgrowth of which is helping others tell their stories.

Bex has poems published in a variety of places, including an anthology entitled, About Her: Stories of Grace, Grit, Grievance and Gratitude, the online poetry journal Blast Furnace, and the International Journal of Nonfiction publication The Truth About the Fact

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