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“Evangelina Prays for Downton Abbey,” Evangelina Everyday


I am a writer of fiction and creative nonfiction, a collector of Beautiful Things, a watcher of sunrises, and an all-around creative.

I am fascinated and driven by people’s stories and passions, and by life’s particularities and peculiarities.

In everything I do, my desire is always to go deeper in some unexpected way, to observe from the corner of my eye and follow where my eye/mind/heart wanders in service of the story that needs to be told.

I’m glad you’re here!


“Burns is a master of offbeat stories, and Evangelina Everyday is dazzling in its balance of satiric fun and serious content.”

Mary Catherine Harper
author of Some Gods Don’t Need Saints

“Dawn Burns spins a tale that leaps from lyricism to bitter and back again.”

Randy Susan Meyers
author of Waisted

“A middle-aged, coming-of-age story for the lost and found. Quirky, funny, heart-wrenching, and hopeful. A perfect combination! I’m absolutely in love with Evangelina Everyday.”

J.R. Jamison
author of Hillbilly Queer and host of the NPR podcast The Facing Project

Evangelina Everyday has the unerring accuracy of an atomic clock and an eye more open than the new Webb Space Telescope out there capturing the decayed infrared light of the billion-year-old Big Bang.”

Michael Martone
author of Plain Air: Sketches from Winesburg, Indiana

“Dawn Burns writes interiority with a talent that can fill a moment—any moment—with unbound wonder.”

Curtis VanDonkelaar
author of Bad Man Love Stories and editor of The Offbeat

“In limpid, wry prose, Dawn Burns captures the smallest ripples in the placid domestic waters of Evangelina’s conventional Midwestern life.”

Valerie Sayers
author of The Powers and Brain Fever

“Dawn Burns is a master of symbol and metaphor.”

Jan Maher
author of Earth As It Is, and Heaven, Indiana

Evangelina Everyday is an invitation to hope – to hope that what is bound can become free.”

Dave Ebenbach
author of Miss Portland and How to Mars

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