Evangelina Everyday

In the dark of her bedroom, Evangelina McQuarry lay awake, her husband Russell snoring fitfully beside her like, she thought, some congested elephant. Evangelina opened her eyes.


Evangelina closed her eyes. Evangelina concluded that whether her eyes were opened or closed made no difference whatsoever. — “Evangelina Prays for Downton”

“Evangelina Prays for Downton,” my first Evangelina McQuarry story, received such positive response at its public debut that I–after much internal debate about whether I really wanted to spend more time inside Evangelina’s head–had no choice but to honor Evangelina’s persistent voice and write a thematic novel.

For several years, I saw and wrote the world through Evangelina’s eyes, experiencing the unfolding and transformation of her complicated inner life through such stories as “Evangelina Contemplates ‘Prime Space,'” “Evangelina Sits by the Side of a Road,” “Evangelina Listens to Music,” “Evangelina Stays at the Hotel Blake,” and “Evangelina Watches Cockroaches.”

At last, Evangelina has found, if not her way, at least her moment of exiting center stage, and I have a thematic novel ready for publication.

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